InwallTech In-wall and In-ceiling Speakers

InwallTech ProGold Series

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  • Aluminum Laminate Polypropylene cone with mica, rubber surround means smarter use of polypropylene for a more rigid cone allowing further cone excursion resulting in better bass response
  • Synthetic Soft Dome Tweeters allow for a more durable material without the loss of performance of an equivalent silk soft dome tweeter
  • At 125 Watts Power Handling, you won't run out of headroom for fast hits and quick recovery
  • All our speakers incorporate a "self healing" circuit that shuts down the speaker in the event of a prolonged over power state. After cooling within safe limits the circuit re-engages without damage to the speaker components

InwallTech ProTrim Series

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  • All the features of the ProGold Series plus an extra powder coating for the woofers to allow more stiffening enhancing tighter bass
  • An acoustic "eye" to help diffusion of the tweeters making the sound appear to be "bigger" in more of your listening area
  • Trimless Designed Grills for the same elegant look of the premium High Definition Series, so you can mix the models in areas that aren't as trafficked for a cost savings overall in the home audio plan
  • Balanced between the High Definition and ProGold Series to give a great cosmetic vs. performance blend

InwallTech High Definition Speakers

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  • The Kevlar® in the woofers (for low frequencies), is a high-end speaker material that is very lightweight and resists flexing under stress. This means that you get smooth steady low frequencies without distortion at even higher sound pressure levels.
  • The Titanium in the tweeters (for high frequencies), is another high end material pioneered by JBL and now widely available in better speakers. Titanium is also a very very light material that is extremely rigid. This allows the material to move faster than other materials used in tweeter assemblies (like poly carbonate, silk or aluminum). That speed is what produces crisp, clean and clear highs that extend past even the most sensitive listeners range of audibility.
  • Elegant Trimless Grill is both easier to install and beautiful. Also paintable
  • - 3/ 0/ +3 db attenuation switchs for independent tweeter and woofer control

Frequently Asked Questions about Speakers

Do the speakers come with grills?

All of our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers come with grills.

Most manufacturers tend to show the products in their naked form so the customer can see the product.

Others don't so it might be confusing.

Rest assured! When you order a pair of speakers from us, you're getting the grills with them.

How to install wall or ceiling speakers?

In the case of new construction, by planning before the drywall goes up, you can easily provide for Stereo Music in every room. 

A simple guide and introduction on installing ceiling speakers and wall speakers.

If you are building a new residential or commercial structure or remodeling an existing property, Now is the time to plan for a Music Distribution System. It's easier than you might expect.

All you need to start with is an existing HiFi Stereo System. If it has at least 50 watts per channel of output power it should be suitable as the heart of an entire residential or small scale business music system.

Speaker cabinets already exist everywhere in your building. It’s the walls and ceilings. They are ideal speaker cabinets. A typical eight foot tall wall with 16" stud centers has nearly three cubic feet of interior space. That is equivalent to a speaker cabinet 1 foot wide, 1 foot deep and 3 feet tall. Speakers need cabinets to develop bass response, that is why speakers in big cabinets are capable of great bass.

The walls and ceilings which make up the building serve as terrific speaker enclosures, at no additional expense and furthermore allow you to place the sound source(s) unobtrusively almost anywhere you wish.

Where should I place my speakers?

Speaker placement best practices

We feel there are two ways to go for speaker placement.

The first is in “social areas” where multiple people are gathering. The second is in “stationary rooms” where one person sits in the same place.

In social area’s it’s best to use in-ceiling speakers placed equally about the room. One pair for a 15'x15' (approx) sized room. If you're getting into a larger room, then two pairs. For REALLY big rooms (restaurants or such), you should have one speaker every 15 linear feet that you have.

For rooms with can lighting, try to match your speakers to your lighting pattern.

Wall speakers are best suitable for stationary rooms.You can take advantage of that feeling of "stereo" being in the middle of the two speakers creating an "image" that's projected in your minds eye.

The placement here is basically ear level or a little higher and the width should be approximately a 45 degree separat

Installing speakers in acoustic tiles or drop ceiling style ceilings.

Take a look here for some basic knowledge about ceiling tiles that you may not get from the manufacturers of the tiles.


This type of installation is where this industry was born!

There are only a few differences between installing in the wall and in tiles:

1. Strength of the tile or age of the tile
If you have older tiles, you may need to reinforce the installation first. I like the "low tech" approach. Even though there are dozens of companies out there selling "braces" and "metal frame" solutions, all you need to do is make sure your tile will hold the speaker. I use "hardboard" (think pegboard without the little holes), as a backing plate. You can cut a piece the full 2' x 4' or just a smaller overlapping piece and put it on the back of the tile first.

2. Rattles
Not really the fault of the speaker as that's what it does...moves in and out, creating motion in the frames above. Use patience to listen and pad the areas that need attention.

Can I play MP3's through my ceiling/wall speakers?

Stereo Y Adapter for iPods

Absolutely! Integrating your computer into your inwall or in-ceiling sound system is simpler than you think.

You will need a small amplifier or basic stereo receiver to boost the signal that comes from your computer's sound-card. To link that to your computer, you will need an adaptor.

Generally, a 1/8" 2-Male RCA adaptor would work for this application; it will go from your computer's sound card —from the 'line out' to one of the inputs on the receiver/amp.


The speakers would then be connected to the 'speaker out' jacks from the receiver or amplifier. You can also hook up a powered subwoofer from there as well.

OR… you can integrate a computer into your stereo/entertainment center by using the same adaptor. You will probably have to have your computer near the entertainment center in order to do this, but it's a viable option for those who want to include their home computer in their home entertainment system.

Doing this can take the sound from your computer gaming to a whole new level, and give you the ability to listen to music in an array of formats, such as MP3 and more! It's a nice way to use a computer's capabilities for enhancing sound.

Basic Wiring Diagram for whole house audio

Whole house audio wiring diagram



Duane B. from Henderson, NV

This surround sound set of speakers has great sound and clarity for a price way under more expensive "name brand" speakers. Installation in the ceiling was straight forward after a careful layout. Hope to enjoy them for many years to come. Will be buying another set soon when I get ready to tackle our loft area. 

Tulita Monsees from Roseville, CA

I ordered these speakers because of the great reviews and I was not disappointed one bit! My friend who installed them said they were so easy to install and everything went in like butter.

Jorge Gines from Miramar, FL

Put the order and they arrived fast, installation took a little bit of time making sure to measuring twice cutting once and I did it by myself but after installation was complete turned them on with some BD movies and was supper happy with the outcome , they sound super nice in my home, the whole family liked it !!!!!!!!!!