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  • Why I have music all over my house...

    I have music all over my house because it makes me feel.  Sometimes it feels happy.  Sometimes it feels loving.  Sometimes it consoles me.  In fact, as serendipitous as it could be, Jason Mraz's The Freedom Song is playing on my speakers.

    When I feel good I sing
    And the joy it brings make it feel good
    And when I feel good I sing
    And the joy it brings

    I'll take that as a sign that I'm onto something for real!

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  • Why do you fall asleep during a movie at home?

    Short answer:  The  movie experience isn't close enough to real life.

    Long answer:  Our bodies are hard wired in certain ways.  Ways in which suit us for survival.  Eyes in front, ears cupped to the front, arms able to thrust forward, etc.

    When we experience real life actions in real time, our body is remarkably good at paying attention to the inputs.  I remember being in the school lunchroom when I was a kid and a plate would crash to the ground, not a single kid could resist turning in that direction to see what was going on.  Have you ever been near traffic and heard screeching tires coming to an abrupt stop?  No way you're not looking.  Reacting really.

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