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Made for Metric by Mistake

The newest model in our line is the TM525LCR.  Unfortunately it was made with a mold for metric building codes.  What that means is that it is SLIGHTLY larger than what would fit in the US standard 16" on center stud bays.  These will not fit horizontally in our stud bays.

However, our long time work horse ProGold series M525.1LCR WILL fit in the center and the sound is close to identical to the TM series.  The tweeter socket was changed slightly and the coloring for the alumimun coating was changed to blue.

The biggest difference that comes from these packages is that the ProGold M525.1LCR (center) is the orignal style of grill face with a slight white plastic trim around the outside edge.  The new TM series is a trimless design.

With these packages ONLY, the price for TM525LCR is reduced to the same cost as a regular pair of TM6W and the M525.1LCR is included at NO CHARGE.

The best part of this deal is the inclusion of the "dual woofer" design of these TM525LCR's.  The surface area of both the drivers adds up to more than an 8" driver giving you more bass AND because the drivers are smaller than the "standard" size for theater, they sound "faster"!


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