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We're a wholesale importer of inwall/ceiling speakers, speaker wire, speaker selectors and volume controls located in West Linn, OR (Portland Metro Area).  Our products originate in Dongguan Mainland China, just north of Hong Kong.  This region is rich in manufacturing expertise and efficient sub-part procurement. All our products are shipped directly to us until they're ready to find homes in your house.  This lack of distribution chain greatly enhances the end value of the product, packing more into the product instead of the hands of distribution.


  • 2007 --Brand Established
  • 2008 --First products arrived M65C, M65W, M80C, M525LCR ProGold Series
  • 2010 --Changed factories for better materials and quality control
  • 2010 mid year -- New models HD650A, VC2100R, SS4R, SS6R and upgraded models of M65.1C, M65.1W, M525.1LCR arrive
  • 2010 end year -- New models HD650W, HD650C, HD525LCR complete the High Definition Series
  • 2013 -- First Trimless models arrives HD650.2W, HD650.1C, HD650.1A, HD525.1LCR
  • 2014 -- First Trimless ProTrim Series arrive TM6W, TM6C, TM525LCR
  • 2014 end year -- New InwallTech website launches
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Duane B. from Henderson, NV

This surround sound set of speakers has great sound and clarity for a price way under more expensive "name brand" speakers. Installation in the ceiling was straight forward after a careful layout. Hope to enjoy them for many years to come. Will be buying another set soon when I get ready to tackle our loft area. 

Tulita Monsees from Roseville, CA

I ordered these speakers because of the great reviews and I was not disappointed one bit! My friend who installed them said they were so easy to install and everything went in like butter.

Jorge Gines from Miramar, FL

Put the order and they arrived fast, installation took a little bit of time making sure to measuring twice cutting once and I did it by myself but after installation was complete turned them on with some BD movies and was supper happy with the outcome , they sound super nice in my home, the whole family liked it !!!!!!!!!!